Time Tellers (and News)

To wrap up the week and get ready for the long weekend, I thought I’d share these gorgeous monthly calendars by  Pattern Matters. They’re hand-made, and each is a unique surprise. You should definitely take a look at them. They have pictures of the making process. Really good!
Now for the news. Today was a very long, but exciting day for me. I went wood shopping! This is actually the first time for me, so it was quite an adventure (even more if you add rain to it). My next carpentry project is small, but it will be my first solo. Tons of things to learn!.
So, in case you’re wondering, it’s a beautiful maple wood, and I’m doing something for my kitchen. (My daughter tells me I should finish my previous projects before I get to the next ones, and she’s probably right, BUT this is something for my class, and we are still stuck in the painting process, so, I’m ready to put my hands onto something).
I’m hoping to have a productive weekend but one never knows. Guess I’ll have to see.
A great weekend to y’all!


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