Tiles for Modern Kitchens

I couldn’t wrap up the tile talking without speaking about kitchens. There are soooo many options out there, waiting to be shared… so let’s say nothing else. Ready to drool? 😉 

Mosaics are once again a perfect, modern option for the space. There are infinite posibilities on colors and materials, so the choice is up to you!
Take a look at these lovely glass tiles. They look so classy!
I love blue mosaics, they keep reminding me of summer childhood memories in bathing suits.
But then again, the sand option is also perfect.
Rectified Tile
Rectified tiles work great with decorative lines. They give a very neutral and beautiful background for this kitchen.
In this case, mosaics are used in combination with rectified tiles for a fresh and modern look.
What do you say? Do you have a favorite?
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  1. Wow that first kitchen is gorgeous!!!!

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