Stylish and Happy Doll House

I’ve always liked doll houses. In fact, I firmly believe my design addiction grew on me since I was a little girl, all because of doll houses. I had one, I still secretly keep the tiny furniture. Even now in my early thirties with a girl who’s begining to leave toys behind, I still feel an irresistible attraction towards doll houses. I want them all. And making my own doll house is even more appealing to me, because it involves everything I like: houses, interior design, tiny things, DIYing, crafting, you name it!

So I guess you’ll know by now my amazing surprise with the lovely house Megan from mouse house made for her girls.
Ain’t it a beauty? She’s fun, happy, and full of details! She’s got it all, especially tiny towels, frames, art, a craft room, all made by the amazing  Megan.
It gets me thinking I should make a doll house too. Although I guess I should finish doing my real home before I make a doll one, right? =)
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