You won’t believe what I bought this last Friday, as I stumbled upon a garage sale close to my daughter’s school.

  Pretty fabric ribbons for a dollar all three of them.
The pink one is velvet, and it has little flower details.
I know they’ll come handy soon. =)
 Oooh, and check out the cool opener, for 40 cents!
I loved it, especially since owls have come such a comeback everywhere.
However, my best buy (and this is no ad, lol) is this:
Have you figured it out?

It’s an old Singer!
With its little drawers to put away buttons and stuff. 
And gorgeous vintage details.
40 bucks.
Best thing is it works!
We are so thrilled!!!!!!!
You must know my daughter LOVES sewing, and she was wanted a machine forever. We’ve bought her toy machines, but she’s been so out of luck, none of them has worked. Well, now her luck has changed, since this is hers. She’s really happy!

 And of course, she’s already done her exercises. In fact, she has used it every single day. And it is tricky, for you have to move your feet back and forward in the pedal. I still can’t make this move, but she has! 
As much as I’m also wishing to learn how to use it, I’m more interested in the possiblities. I’m thinking of painting the little desk white, you know, going for a French look.
Isn’t she gorgeous?
At least she knows how to strike a pose for the camera.


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  1. esta hermoosaaa!!! que suerte!! aca en gto venden una que otra pero a unos precios que se te cae la boca de lo caro… tu hija debe estar emocionadisisisima!!!

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