On the spotlight – Menamobel

I’m always in the mood for great design, so I’m thrilled to share with you my latest discovery.  Menamobel is a furniture store in Spain, offering modern solutions to everyday issues in small spaces. Could I ask for more? I don’t think so!  

A few of the items on their newest catalog:

This would be a cute thing to add to any corner at home.
 But you’ll fall in love when you learn it’s meant to store shoes.

This is a larger, red version.
I really love it, because mirrors are always cool for opening up small spaces, but it can also store 18 pairs of shoes. That’s something to die for!
I’m also digging its living room and dining room options.
Hydra coffee table is simple, sleek, trendy.

Open it up to keep away clutter. Superb!
There’s a dining room version of the Hydra table, of course.

It grows to adapt for more guests… I need one right now!
(By the way, I could also use that lovely chandelier.)
Then of course, there are options for all kinds of spaces.
Which is your favorite?
By the way, Menamobel is just about to launch its newest website, with more incredible furniture, a wonderful on-line store, and the catalog, so stay tuned.
I’ll keep you posted 😉


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  1. AAAhhh el espejo rojo para los zapatos fue el que mas me gustoo!!
    BTW acaba de llegar mi cu;ado de Rep. Dom. y me dijo que acaban de poner un IKEA allaaaa!!!! me volvi loocaa! por que en mexico nooo?? 🙁

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