No Internet Service, Huge Project

These last days have been awful, not having phone nor internet at home =( Worst is, the problem is not fixed, so we’re hoping to have it solved soon… I hope so ’cause I really miss the blog world.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself busy…
And looking for projects. 🙂 I’m still not spilling it all, but I’ll tell you this: it involves fabric, lots and lots of fabric! That’s why I drove myself to one of my favorite stores in town,  Centro Mercantil Villanueva. If  you’re looking for fabric, this is the place to go. Going there is like taking a child to the toystore… Soooo many options…
… every piece of fabric blows my mind. Pure inspiration.
Look at the flower details in this one.
And it comes in this color too. Perfect for some curtains… or pillow covers.
How about this one? I would love to make myself a beach dress.
This is a very cool and girlish fabric, with real glitter on it. In fact, this is what I used in my easy headband project.
I would love a duvet cover in these ladies.
This last one really made me go crazy. The picture doesn’t do justice. It’s so soft and the black has a beautiful blue hue. I’m thinking a small pillow for my living room… hmmmm!
This is the fabric I went for:
And the awful truth: I CANNOT SEW. What am I doing buying myself 10 yards of it? This is what DIYing and remodelling addiction does to you, I tell you. I hope this not a crazy DIY project that goes to the garbage, for sure! At least I’ve got my Mom’s help behind (and she does know how to sew).
Anyhoo… we’ll see how it turns out.
Promise to keep you up to date.


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