More on The First Communion

Here’s a peek into what I’ve been up to lately:

 I know I had shown it before, but I’m excited to see the printed invitations. I love the tree.

 Since I felt the envelope was too white, I drew a little birdie in the corner.
 As for today, I finished the tule Martha Stewart pom poms.
I want to make many of them to hang them all over the place. I just have to keep in budget, though, so I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to make as many as I want to. I love how they look everywhere in the blogosphere:
They’re gorgeous, I love them for home decor as well. I’m pretty sure you’re already familiar with this nursery:
There are many things to do on my ever-growing list, but I hope to enjoy it all in the party. Still, I also want to get going with a Christmas wreath. Too many things, I tell ya’! Anyhow, I’ve got a feeling Christmas will have to wait a little longer this year. . 
I’ll keep you posted.


2 responses to “More on The First Communion”

  1. aaaah los pompones esta precioooosos!!! haz muchos y despues de la fiesta los usas para tu casa 😛
    un beso!

  2. I love the pom poms, pink is so pretty.

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