Hiding the TV

I’m loving this shelving TV unit featured in the latest issue of Elle Decor. It’s simple, sleek, and modern. Such an excellent idea and pretty simple to adapt it to any room, I believe. I’m thinking our master bedroom –once we buy our TV, of course (tiny, little detail, of course).   There’s a whole debate over having TV in bedrooms, but then apparently there’s also another one going on about whether or not hiding your TV. What’s your thought? Do you like hiding TVs, or not? Do tell!


2 responses to “Hiding the TV”

  1. Why hiding it?! You would like to hide the awful 90's models 😛 But now a days the TV's designs are beautiful. Besides, I am not sure, but I think that you can even show your own pictures now. You can have a real nice digital photo frame. Or why not download or design some nice landscapes and have a digital window 🙂 Why concealing it?

  2. Personally, I prefer to leave it in view so it can be used easily when it is needed. However, I don't like it over the mantel or in any place that makes it the focal point of the room. Let's face it; most of us watch tv sometime, so it should be convenient. But not "in your face." (And over th mantel, besides being ugly, puts a crick in one's neck.)

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