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Sex and the City is back with lots of fashion, style and design (yay!).
That’s right! Sex and The City promises to be a total delight for us, design-lovers. Fabulous rooms and decor accesories plus tons of inspiration for your home… Take a look at these pics for yourself.
Carrie’s old apartment is small, yet full of style and glamour (who could tell?). I love the white chair and the mirrored table and the colors on the bed (among other things).
In her new apartment, Carrie has a more neutral decoration, considering of course she’s married now. There are strong, masculine colors and elements, in contrast with feminine details…
…such as this lovely flower arrangement on the hall table. Way to make a statement.
The living room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the mixture of colors and textures, and I absolutely adore the gold contrast against the dark blue sofa. The coffee table gives us a perfect example of using books to decorate.
In the dining room, the bookshelves work perfectly well giving both display and storage space. What do you think about the pendant? I believe it’s a great DIY project. Anyone interested in trying?
On with the refuge… the famous Master B. Carrie, as a good fashion setter, knows about trends, so she could not miss having an upholstered headboard. Now, if you ask me, I think the pattern on the headboard against the pattern on the wall is too much. I would love a solid fabric headboard in my room. But, we all know Carrie… and this is totally her, I guess. What do you think?
Of course, the tour could not be finished without Carrie’s closet. But first, let me show you Carrie’s old closet (from when she was single).

Dreamy, huh? Now take a look at Carrie and Big’s closet. Get ready to sigh!
My gosh, it’s so sofisticated. Looks like a store. Heavenly.
Credit goes to Jeremy Conway, who has done production design for Sex and The City (both the series and the films), as well as Lydia Marks, set designer. Awesome.
I must admit, I’m not a huge Sex and The City fan, but after seeing this pics from Elle Decor, I’m dying to watch the movie. Have you seen it? Did you get any ideas for your own home?
all pics from Elle Decor


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  1. The movie premiers here in Mexico today I think… I loveee Carrie's old-renew apartment… in the series I think it did't match her style.. she was fabulous and the apartment was flat…nothing special..

  2. I have seen SATC2. I like Carrie's old apartment better – it's so much lighter and brighter!

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