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My husband and I have just found our dream home. It’s a Spanish-Style Ranch in Santa Barbara. I’m getting the feeling you might be familiar with it?

Of course, it’s owned by Meryl Streep’s character in Nancy Meyers’ latest film It’s Complicated.
I warned you not to get me started on the subject.
Someday this week, my husband and I went to the theaters to see It’s Complicated. Both of us are HUGE Nancy Meyers fans. We’ve seen all of her movies. And we love’em all. Actually, The Holiday (with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black) is one of our all-time favorites. So, as soon as the movie hit the theaters in our hometown, we had to go.
It’s Complicated tells the story of a successful divorced woman (played by Meryl Streep) who’s having a kitchen renovation (as well as having an affair with her ex-husband and her architect). Her house, especially her kitchen, plays a huge role in the movie. This is were Jane (Streep) entertains friends and family.
 Why she wants a renovation is still a mistery to us all. This is a dream for all cooking-lovers out there (one of such, my husband!).
Everything you need to make a wonderful meal is there, right were you need it.
This casual yet sophisticated style is also shown in Jane’s bedroom.
Production designer Jon Hutman worked with set designer Beth Rubino to create enviroments that help tell the characters’ story and match with their personalities.
There’s a casual elegance in every room.
I love the tub’s luxury mixed with the casual air in the vanity set. Did you notice the mismatching drawers?
Meyers is a design lover herself, something that probably runs in her genes, since her mother was a designer herself. The palette was chosen with Meryl’s skin complexion in mind, the light colors accenting her beauty.
Jane’s bakery is another food-lovers’ paradise. Just ask my husband!
The details in the movie go as far as the bread display in the bakery. The design team worked closely with food stylist (from Julie an d Julia) Susan Spungen.
You all know how much I love gardens, and this house gave me such delights. Take a look at the gardens and outdoor areas.
I love the topiaries and the pots just sitting there. By the way, wouldn’t it be so relaxing to sit by that bench?
See why this is my dream home? This potting shed is amazing! I would love to work my garden here.
More pots and pretty garden stuff.
As every good cook, Jane has this gorgeous edible garden. Fresh and ready.
This is not everything. The house has a swimming pool too. And there are great sets from other places, like the place where the party is held (with beautiful hanging lanterns all over the place. So gorgeous).
Everytime a new scene appeared, my husband and I would just look at each other and sigh!
I guess most of you have seen the movie by now, so please, share your thoughts and ideas! Were you also swept away by this house? Do share!
(images from Remodelista and Traditional Home)


5 responses to “It' Complicated – Set Design”

  1. Now I for sure have to see this movie! I didn't want to see it, somehow it just didn't appeal to me in the ads, but now that I am seeing all the lovely images of the house? I'm right there with you. It is BEAUTIFUL! So many ideas, it feels like it must be worth watching just for the house!

    Thanks for inviting me over!! 🙂 Love it!


  2. Wow, what a gorgeous house! I haven't seen the movie (we'll probably wait until it hits Redbox!) but the house is absolutely inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with those of us who are a little out of touch with current movies!

  3. I really like Meryl Streep – she's always great as an actress.

    Love the casual elegance of the rooms, and that garden would make me really happy.

  4. Hi, great site, great movie. Do you know where can I buy the win glass Meryl Streep is using on the first picture (with the architect)
    Thanks, Syl.

  5. I'm sorry, Sylwia, I don't! However, there's a great article on Remodelista (check it out here: and it's all about the kitchen accesories. I hope it works for you 😉

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