Casa Mishka

One of the things I enjoy most is house peeking. I can’t help it. I’m constantly trying to catch a glimpse of other houses while I’m driving by in the city. Some other times, when I’m invited to people’s homes, I really can’t stop staring. I LOVE good design, and a beautiful house is one of the greatest joys I find in life. Really. I’ve found that lovely environments are so appealing to all (design-lovers or not)… I guess we all like being surrounded by beauty.

That’s why I want to share with you a house I absolutely love: Casa Mishka.
It belongs to my best friend, her husband, and their little dog, Mishka.
Its bold, sharp, and modern design have amazed me from the moment they begun making it. I’ve been a witness of how an empty space can become a warm and personal retreat.
Andrea is an expert in thrift store and flea market shopping (something I’m totally trying to learn from her). Like this gorgeous chair sitting in her living room. Look how chic it makes the room look, while remaining modern.
Or the coffee table, which they also bought in the antique market. They cut its legs so that it would be exactly like they wanted it to be.
They’re also great at arranging random elements. Look at how great the coffee table looks from up. I love the mirror frame, and how it’s used as a tray to display more cute things. How clever!
Every corner in their house is beautiful. Look at this odd but great side table in the livingroom. The lamp is so lovely too.
The following picture shows the living room, the patio, and part of the dining room.
The living room and the dining room make an L shape, and the patio is right in the middle. The gorgeous piano is part of the dining room.
And again, it’s full of beautiful “things” just laying around randomly.
Like this little bird candle and lamp.
Or the cute playmobil pirate.
Did you also spot the clock? I loved it from the moment it got home.
This is how it looks from the living room. The aqua color on the wall is so soothing. And the chairs. I didn’t think they would go well together when she bought them, and now I LOVE how it all turned out.
Take a look at the simple but delightful patio.
What can I tell you? LOVE it.
(Sorry for my limited use of words, but I do! =)
I keep telling my friend she should start a home design blog, but she’s really not into that (for the moment). Still, I had to show you the pics, so I asked her, and she’s so nice she said yes!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
What do you think of Casa Mishka? Which is your favorite room?


4 responses to “Casa Mishka”

  1. Beautiful Home!! I love to see the images of art in a room!!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful home! I love that coffee table, and is that a black chandelier over the dining table? Fabulous!

  3. Your friend has a beautiful home. I love the chair, and they pirate. I could never put a room together like that – she definitely has skills.

  4. Micah, it IS a beautiful black chandelier. LOVE it.

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